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Special FX Makeup by Melissa Itwar

Ready to get freaky? Melissa's Special FX makeup comes highly recommended, and very gross!

Blood and Gore Makeup

Whether your character needs simple scratches, deep cuts, bullet wounds, or skin prosthetics, Melissa has you covered! Using primarily Ben Nye Special FX materials, Melissa stocks a variety of materials and adhesives to account for possible allergies and reactions. Your production can safely get the gory mess of your wildest dreams!


Face and Body Paint

Need to transform skin to something otherworldly and fantastical? From face to full body, Melissa can create different textures, designs and details. Become a statue, skeleton, demonic, undead, or beautifully ethereal - it's all possible!

Innovative SPFX

What's in your head? Not sure how to make your vision a reality? Give me a call!

You'd be surprised how little tricks and tools can go a long way in creating something exceptional. Reach out to Melissa to hash out your ideas - she'll help you execute with stunning realism and ultimate shock value!

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