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One-on-One Personal Makeup Lessons with Melissa

Feeling a little lost establishing your personal look? Learn how to choose and apply your own makeup with Melissa's One-one-One Personal Makeup Lessons

The way you do your makeup creates the version of yourself that you want the world to see. If you don't have a basic knowledge of makeup, however, it can be totally overwhelming for the average person to parse through what items you actually need. Then, you have to figure out your ideal shades and which brushes to use - and that's all before you even put the makeup on.  With the right guidance and tools, though, achieving your everyday game face is quicker and easier than you think!

What's included in every One-on-One Personal Makeup Lesson:

When you book a One-on-One Personal Makeup Lesson with Melissa, you'll receive personalized guidance from a professional, working multi-media makeup artist on how to put on the face you want to show your world! Start with a 2-hour session, stay for more if you need it! I'll come to your home or preferred location, so we can work with what you already have, along with my full makeup kit. By the end of the session, you'll know what makeup items you need and why, how to apply them, we'll shop for your basics together, and I'll even help you save on them with exclusive discounts!

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